Class 12th English अगस्त मासिक टेस्ट 2021 पेपर

Class 12th English अगस्त मासिक टेस्ट 2021 पेपर |12th अंग्रेजी masik test paper solution

मासिक टेस्ट अगस्त माह 2021

कक्षा -12

विषय अंग्रेजी

Question 1 read the passage carefully and prepare notes using appropriate abbreviation.

The bulk of the heart can never be inter interrupted.the heart's job is to keep oxygen-rich blood flowing through the body.all the body cells need a constant supply of oxygen, especially those in the brain.the brain cells live only for to five minutes after their oxygen is cut off and them that comes to the entire body.

The heart is a specialised muscles that serves pump. This pump is divided into four chambers connected by any called walls the chamber work to keep blood flowing around the body in a circle.


1- function of the heart

1.1 Vital for living

1.2 supplies oxygen rich blood to Diff part of body

2- structure of the heart

2.1 div into four chambers

2.2 connected by valves

3- working of the heart

3.1 CO2 rich blood from a body into RTatrium- tricuspid value-RT ventricle 

3.2 O2 rich blood  from lungs

Question- 2 last week on your way to school you witnessed an accident of chain snatching near your school.a couple of senior student of your school chased the snatcher caught him and handed him over to the police.write a report on this deering act in about hundred words for your school magazine. You are Amar/Anita


New Delhi, August 20,2021

last week I was on the way of home from school I observed a very horrorful incident of chain snatching nearly my school.About 8 o'clock in area of Nehru Nagar snatcher arrived suddenly and snatched the golden chain of a old lady then largen to run two senior student of our school Vipin and Vishal gest the snatcher after a run of few minutes they caught the snatcher tied him in the room. They called the police hand over the snatcher in police.

Question-3 fill in the blanks with the appropriate determiners

(A)….Sun rises in the East(a,an,tha)


(B)They aren't…… students in the library(any, many)


(C)She gave a cookie to……  child(each ,every)


(D) I always keep ……. money in my wallet for emergencies(some, any)


(E) There are….. birds on the tree (many,any)

Answer- many

Question 4 change the voice

A  He killed a snake

Answer- A snake was killed by him.

B . I will never forget this experience

Answer-that experience would be never forgotten by me.

C. Have you finished the report?

Answer-the report has been finished by you?

Question 5 answer the following questions

A  What was Franz expected to be prepared with for school that day?


that day friend was expected to be prepared with party sepals because M hamel had said that he board question them on participles

B.  What changes did the order from Berlin cause on the day of the last lesson ?

Answer- the order from Berlin brought all the routine hostel hostel of the school life to a stand still the teacher M Hamel become more sympathetic to his students and thought his lesson with more patience the student become more attentive in this classes.

C. Who did M Hamel blame for the neglect of learning on the part of students like French?

Answer- Mr hamel blame the parents for the neglect of learning on the part of boys like French because their parents wanted them to work on farm to earn some money. Friend himself wanted to enjoy his time and avoided going to school


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