CBSE board class 10th English paper 2023| 27 February 2023 |Set-2

CBSE board class 10th English paper 2023| 27 February 2023 |Set-2

Cbse board class 10th English paper 2023 : CBSE Class 10th English Exam 2023|CBSE Class 10 English Practice Paper 2023: Download PDF of the English Practice Paper and Marking Scheme for the CBSE Class 10 English Board Exam 2023.

Read the passage given below
1- most consider hn external force that handles from living our life what it is all in our mind

2- so what is an influence by which you do something because you went to feel valued or accept why your friends or society it can be something as small 
as being force to do well in studied because the child next door is for farming better than academic schedule   something big that force you to choose a career or even a life partner what the mental present and strange it express on the some no matter what it destroyce ourself steam wood make us questions our self work and post into special and wars suicide so many family heavy lost their ones win post into debit and deprived of peace of mind because of this year phras

III. But what gives it so much power and control over us? The answer is simple. It's our lack of self-esteem. As we all know, right from our birth, we Indians have been taught to fit in. We have always been taught to follow something that is tried and tested; something that is being accepted by society as a successful method of (v) living. Thinking out of box is alien to our society. We blindly follow the societal norms and end up forgetting to live a life of our ownJ We keep looking at others to do something that would give us validation. Questions such as "What if so and so thinks that I am inferior?", and "Will society accept me?" Pop in our mind.

IV. So, what can be done to avoid this peer pressure from affecting our lives? First, we need to understand the fact that peer pressure is not an external factor. It is a fear conjured up by our brain due to our lack of self-esteem. If we release this, we will never fear what others think of us. Parents play a key role in this. They need to accept the fact that each child is unique and not here to fulfill their

Expectation that need to nature the child's individualty than coming generation will be free of pressure
(Source: tha hindu . Com/ opinion /open page 

Based on your understanding of the passage answer the following questions

1- what does the writer say is the reason become underwear pressure 

A- we want to become popular
B-we want to be valued and accepted in society.
C- we want to do our best
D- we want to do something big 

2,- select the option that display the effects of pear pressure

2gives peace of mind.
3-It exerts mental pressure.
d. It makes us feel worthless.
E-It helps us control ourselves.
F-It affects our self-esteem.
Options- a, b, d, e

Options - b, c, e, f

C. Options - a d, e, f

Options - a, c, d, f


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