Class 8th English Sample Paper 2023 Mp Board

Class 8th English Sample Paper 2023 Mp Board| 8वी अंग्रेजी वार्षिक पेपर 2023 एमपी बोर्ड 

एमपी बोर्ड वार्षिक परीक्षा-2023



समय-2:30 घंटे                                पूर्णांक-60

Choose the correct answer and write (Questions 1 to 10)

Q.1. What does the poem ''Another Chance'' tell us?

(A) to be said               (B) to make money

(C) never give up in despair                               (D) to be happy

Ans. (C) never give up in despair

Q.2. The nearest railway station and airport to Kanha kisli is…..

(A) Jabalpur                       (B) Khajuraho

(C) Bhopal                         (D) Indore

Ans. (A) Jabalpur

Q.3. Who was Raja Verma?

(A) a minister               (B) an artist

(C) a king                     (D) a carpenter

Ans.    (B) an artist

Q.4. Write the rhyming word for "Tree".

(A) hold                             (B) cry 

(C) free                             (D) none of these

Ans. (C) free

Q.5. Write one word for ''One who teaches''.

(A) traveller                      (B) teacher

(C) doctor                         (D) jeweller

Ans. (B) teacher

Q.6. Write the comparative degree of word "small".

(A)smalls                           (B) smaller

(C) smallest                       (D) none of these

Ans. (B) smaller

Q.7. Fill the appropriate model in sentence - "....... I come in sir".

(A) can                              (B)may

(C) should                         (D) might

Q.8. Rearrange the meaningful sentence - ''Can/English/I/speak/".

(A) I can speak English                              (B) English can I speak

(C) may speak English                              

(D) none of these

Ans. (A) I can speak English

Q.9. Use article on this sentence - "my father is…. M.L.A .

(A)an                              (B) a

(C)the                             (D) none of these

Ans. (C)the

Q.10. Use article in this sentence - ''Honesty is….. best policy''.

(A) an                               (B) a

(C) the                              (D) none of these

Ans. (C) the

Class 8th English Sample Paper 2023 Mp Board

Short Answer Questions (Questions 11-20)

Q.11. What is Kanha kisli?

Ans. Kanha kisli is a National Park.

Q.12. What is a disaster?

Ans. Disaster is an unexpected kill or injures a lot of damage to property.

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Q.13. When and where was Kalpana Chawla born?

Ans. Kalpana Chawla was born 1 July 1961 in Karnal Haryana.

Q.14. Who wanted Tenali Raman's help?

Ans. The elders of town wanted Tenali Raman help.

Q.15. What is Gatla?

Ans. Gatla is a memory pillar which is stone carved and oil painted.

Q.16. What is the shape of the moon according to the poem "The Moon"?

Ans. The moon has a face like the clock.

Q 17. How did the king realize his mistake in "Measure for Measure"?

Ans. Tenali Raman asked the King, if an artist can become a chief minister. Can't a carpenter become a cook. The king at once realized his mistake.

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Q.18. What is the work of "Dasohli Gram Swarajya Mandal"?

Ans. The work of Dasohli Gram Swarajya Mandal is to renerahed to degrade forest.

Q.19. How did Chandra Shekhar Prove his name Azad?

Ans. He found himself surrounded by the police in Alfred Park. He shot himself Thus he kept his pledge of not being caught alive.

Q.20. What is meant by the word "conservation"?

Ans. The word "conservation" preservation.

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Long Answer Questions (Questions 21-24)

Q.21. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

Abraham lincoln was the son of a poor farmer named Thomas Lincoln, his father was not able to give him proper education. However Abraham Lincoln studies by the fire-light till mid night.

He used coal as a pencil and flat pieces of wood as paper. However, he did help his father in the field.

One abe, as he was called by the people. borrowed a book called. The life of George Washington from a neighbour. The book proved a turning point in his life. He made up his mind to rise so high in life as to become stronger day by day and achieved at the end and one day in 1861 the people shouted with joy 'Abe Lincoln is elected President".

Questions –

(a) Which book did Abe borrow from a neighbour?

Ans. The life of George Washington.

(b) Whose son was Abraham lincoln?

Ans. Abraham Lincoln was the son of a poor farmer named Thomas Lincoln.

(c) When was Lincoln elected the President of United States?

Ans.In 1861

(d) Find the opposite word of the following from the passage.


Ans. Rich   –    poor

        Start   –    End 

(e) Give a suitable title to the above passage.

Ans. Abraham Lincoln

Q.22. write an application to your class teacher requesting him to grant you a three days sick leave.



The Headmaster

Govt. Middle School

Civil lines Sagar


       Respectfully I beg to say that I have been suffering from fever since last night. So I cannot attend the school. Kindly grant me leave for 3 days only.

Date – 05/10/22

                                           Yours obediently

                                              Rahul Verma


Write a letter to your friend inviting him to your brother's marriage party.

Q.23. Write an essay on any one of the following topics.

(i) My hobby

(ii) Any great leader

(iii) Science in our daily life

(iv) Any Indian festival

Q.24. Write a short paragraph on any one of the following topic–

Tree plantation

और नया पुराने

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