Mp Board Class 10th English pre board Paper 2022 Solution PDF

Mp Board Class 10th English pre board Paper 2022 Solution PDF/दसवीं अंग्रेजी प्री बोर्ड पेपर 2022 हल

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Mp pre board paper 2022:मध्य प्रदेश लोक शिक्षण संचनालय कक्षा 10वीं और कक्षा बारहवीं की प्री बोर्ड परीक्षा को ऑफलाइन तरीके से ली जाएंगी ।Pre Board Paper 2022 ,20 जनवरी से शुरू हो रही है ।कोरोनावायरस को देखते हुए कक्षा 10वीं और कक्षा 12वीं की परीक्षाएं ओपन बुक पद्धति से ले जा रहे हैं । MP Board class 12th pre board paper 2022 सभी छात्र पेपर स्कूल से लेकर आएंगे ।प्री बोर्ड पेपर 2022 को घर आकर सलूशन करेंगे ।स्कूल से प्री बोर्ड परीक्षा 2022 की पेपर और उत्तर पुस्तक  तय समय सीमा में स्कूल में जमा करेंगे ।

Mp 10 pre  Board 2022 के पेपर कब जमा करेंगे ।

MP Board class 12 pre board paper 2022 के लिए छात्रों को स्कूल से प्रश्न पत्र तथा कॉपियाँ मिलेगी ओर छात्र अब इन कॉपियाँ में उत्तर लिख कर अपने स्कूल में निर्धारित टाइम टेबल के अकॉर्डिंग 1 दिन पहले सभी उत्तर पुस्तकाओं को जमा कराएंगे। एमपी सिक्षा विभाग के द्वारा यह फैसला कोरोना वायरस को देखते हुये लिया गया है जिससे की छात्रों में कोरोना वायरस न फेल सके तथा बच्चे सुरक्षित रहे।

MP Board class 10 pre board paper 2022 solution pdf कैसे डाउनलोड करें-

सभी छात्र परेशान हो रहे हैं की परीक्षा का समय नजदीक आ चुका है ।और अभी तक हमें प्री बोर्ड परीक्षा 2022 के पेपर और उत्तर पुस्तिका उपलब्ध नहीं करवाई गई है ।छात्रों को बता दूं कि 20 जनवरी जब सभी छात्र स्कूल जाएंगे तो वहां से आपको पेपर और उसकी उत्तर पुस्तिका मिल जाएगी । MP Board 10th pre board paper 2022 के उत्तर पुस्तिका को हल करके आप तय समय सीमा में स्कूल मे जमा करने जाएंगे ।

एमपी बोर्ड 10th प्री बोर्ड पेपर कहां से डाउनलोड करें

Mp 10 pre paper 2022 को आप हमारी वेबसाइट से भी डाउनलोड कर पाएंगे ।साथ में हम आपको कक्षा 10वीं प्री बोर्ड पेपर 2022 के सभी पेपर का हल भी प्रोवाइड कर आएंगे ।इसकी Link आपको article के नीचे दी गई .

           PRE - BOARD EXAM 2021-22

                        CLASS - X 

                    Subject - English

Time : 3 hours.                Maximum Marks : 80

 1 . 2 . Instructions : - 

All questions are compulsory . 

Marks of each question are given against them


Q.1 Read the following passage and answer the questions given below . ( 1x5 = 5 ) Long ago in Mongolia there lived an emperor who feared growing old . One day , he saw an old man in the street . Upset at being reminded that someday , he too , would age , he ordered all the old people to leave his land . One day , a violent storm swept the kingdom . Nothing was safe from its fury . It roared into the palace and blew away the emperor's belongings , including his priceless golden pitcher . When the storm ended , the emperor ordered that the pitcher be found and brought back to him . People went in search of the pitcher . They saw it in a lake nearby . But no matter who tried , no one could get a grip on the pitcher . All they got was a handful of water . Yet it could be plainly seen , glittering and just below the water's surface ! 

Questions :

 i . The emperor was upset to see the old man because 

( a ) it reminded him that he would grow old too ( b ) it reminded him that he had to colour his hair .

( c ) it reminded him that he might fall ill . 

( d ) it reminded him of his grandfather .

Mp Board Class 10th English pre board Paper 2022 Solution PDF/दसवीं अंग्रेजी प्री बोर्ड पेपर 2022 हल

Answer - it reminded him that he would grow old too

 II . The people saw the golden pitcher 

( a ) in a pit nearby . 

( b ) inside the palace .

( c ) in a lake nearby . 

( d ) in a river nearby . 

Answer - ( c ) in a lake nearby . 

iii . The emperor's orders were that all the 

( a ) old men should live in his land . 

( b ) young men should stay in his land . 

( c ) old men should leave his land . 

( d ) children should leave his land . 

 Answer - old men should live in his land .

iv . What did the people who went to bring the pitcher get ? 

( a ) A handful of air

( b ) The pitcher's handle . 

( c ) A handful of water

 ( d ) Nothing at all

Answer - ( a ) A handful of air

v . The emperor feared

( a ) getting weak . . . . 

( b ) getting ill . 

( c ) getting young .

( d ) getting old .

Answer - ( d ) getting old .

Q.2 - Read the following passage and answer the questions given below . 

There are three main groups of oils - animal , vegetable and mineral . Great quantities of animal oil come from whales , those enormous creatures of the sea , which are the largest of the animals remaining in the world . To protect the whales from the cold of the Arctic seas , nature has provided them with a thick covering of fat , called blubber . When the whale is killed , the blubber is stripped off and boiled down . It produces a great quantity of oil which can be made into food for human consumption . A few other creatures yield oil , but none so much as the whale . The livers of the cod and halibut , two kinds of fish , yield nourishing oil . Both cod liver oil and halibut oil are given to sick children and other invalids who need certain vitamins . Vegetable oil has been known from very old times . No household can get on without it , for it is used in cooking . Perfumes may be made from the oils of certain flowers . Soaps are made from vegetable and animal product and the oils of certain flowers .

 Questions :

 ( i ) The main source of animal oil is________ ( a ) whale 

( b ) sea weeds 

( c ) fish 

( d ) plant 

Answer - ( a ) whale

( ii ) Vegetable oil is mainly used for 

( a ) cooking 

( b ) making perfumes 

( c ) making soap 

( d ) making lubricants 

Answer - ( a ) cooking 

( iii ) The ....... of fish yields nourishing oil . 

( a ) stomach 

( b ) eyes 

( c ) liver 

( d ) head 

Answer - ( c ) liver 

( iv ) The thick protective covering of fat on a whale is called a ---- 

( a ) cells 

( b ) blubber 

( c ) skin 

( d ) fins 

Answer - ( b ) blubber

( v ) The noun form of the word ' protect ' is 

( a ) protected 

( b ) proactive 

( c ) protectable 

( d ) protection 

Answer - ( d ) protection

       SECTION - B   ( WRITING ) 

Q.3 Read the passage and make notes on it and also give a suitable title .

 The heart is one of the most vital components of the human body . The heart of the human body has the continuous job to keep oxygen - rich blood flowing through the body . All the body's cells need a constant supply of oxygen , particularly in the brain . The brain cells live only four to five minutes after the oxygen is cut off and death comes to the entire body . Heart disease can result from damage to the heart muscles , the valves or the pacemaker . If the muscle is damaged , the heart is unable to pump properly . If the valves are damaged , blood cannot flow normally . Dr John Gibbon of U.S.A. developed a machine in 1953 that could take over temporarily from the heart . Surgeons had the chance to repair or replace a defective heart . Many patients have had plastic valves inserted in their hearts when their hearts were faulty . Many people are now being kept alive with tiny battery operated pacemakers . 

The suitable title is humble body

Q.4 You are Anoop Sharma studying in Govt . High School , Rewa . Write an application to the principal of your school requesting him to issue your Transfer Certificate because your father has been transferred to Bhopal .


You are Pramod Mishra .  Write a letter to your friend Amit inviting him to attend the marriage ceremony of your brother. 

Mp Board Class 10th English pre board Paper 2022 Solution PDF/दसवीं अंग्रेजी प्री बोर्ड पेपर 2022 हल

Write a letter to your friend Amit inviting him to attend the marriage ceremony of your brother. 

240, Tilak Nagar

New Delhi.


My dear Amit,

You will be glad to know that my brother’s marriage is taking place on 25th Nov. My brother has asked me to invite you.

So you are cordially invited to attend the marriage. You are requested to come two or three days before the marriage to help us in preparations.

Please convey my best regards to your parents and love to Youngers.

Yours sincerely,

Pramod Mishra

 Q , 5 Write an essay on any one of the following topics in about 150 words. 

 a.  My Hobby 

b.  Wonders of Science 

c.  Importance of Games and Sports 

d.  An Indian Festival or Write an article


 a paragraph on any one of the following topics in about 150 words. 

 a.  Student Life and Discipline 

b.  Importance of Trees 

c.  Swachchha Bharat Mission 5 

d.  Advantage and disadvantages of Mobile Phones 

My Hobby

Our hobbies determine what we would become when we grow up. Someone who loves singing might decide to become a singer in the future. It is not mandatory to choose a hobby that we want to take on as a career option. Sometimes, hobbies are meant for fun and relaxation. There are plenty of ways to pursue a hobby.

We can enrol ourselves in special classes that will teach us more about our interests. We can choose to do this at our home in our free time. No matter what hobby we choose, it should always make us feel relaxed. There is no point in following a hobby if it adds to our stress. You can even look up on the internet to find tutorials that would teach you more about your area of interest.

Q.6 .  On the basis of the picture given below, describe how we can keep ourselves fit and healthy.

                  SECTION - C

                ( GRAMMAR ) 

Q.7 Fill in the blanks choosing the correct alternatives given in the brackets . 

( Any five ) 

i . He is .......... hour late . ( a / an / the )

Answer - An

ii . His uncle died cancer . ( from / of / to ) 

Answers - To

iii . He wanted to an engineer ( become / becomes / becoming )

Answer - become

iv . We wear mask in crowded places . ( should / used / ought ) 

Answer - should

v . He is not going to office he is ill . ( and / so / because ) 

Answer - Because

vi . There is not water in the pool . ( some / any / many )

Answer - Some

Q.8 Do as directed

( Any five ) 

( 1x5 = 5 ) 

1. Ravi is very intelligent . He can pass this exam easily . ( Combine the sentences using ' so --- that ' ) 

Answer - so

II . Children are making toys . ( Change the Voice ) 

Answer - The twice are being made by children.

III . If you run fast , you can catch the bus . ( Rewrite the sentence using ' Unless ' in place of ' If ' ) 

Answer - Unless you run fast you cannot catch the bus

iv . He did his work well . ( Change into Negative ) 

Answer - he did not do his work well

v . They are selling their house . ( Change into Present Perfect Tense ) 

Answer - They have sold their house .

vi . Seema is my sister . She is sitting at the last bench . ( Combine the sentences using ' who ' ) 

 Answer - Seema hu who is sitting at the last branch is my sister.

Q.9 Answer the following questions : 

( Any six ) 1x6 = 6 

1. How much money did Lencho want ?

( a ) 100 pesos 

( b ) 50 pesos 

( c ) 10 pesos 

( d ) 70 pesos 

Answer - ( a ) 100 pesos

II . What did the cow shake on the poet ? 

( a ) dust of soll 

( b ) dust of snow 

( c ) dust of tree I

Answer - ( b ) dust of snow 

II . According to Nelson Mandela , 

what is a country's greatest wealth ? 

( a ) Its mineral 

( b ) its people 

( c ) its traditions 

Iv . Which of these names did Anne give to her dlary ? 

( a ) Kitty 

( b ) Bitty 

( c ) Kitten 

( d ) Mitten 

Answers - ( b ) Bitty

v . In what way Peggy was cruel to Wanda ? 

( a ) She made fun of her . 

( b ) She used to push her on the ground . 

( c ) She used to insult her . 

( d ) She used to bully her . 

Answers - ( d ) She used to bully her .

vl . Coorg is famous for 

( a ) tea

( b ) bread 

( c ) coffee 

( d ) green 

Answers - ( c ) coffee

vii . Where did Siddhartha vow to stay until his enlightenment came ? 

( a ) his palace 

( b ) under peepal tree 

( c ) under banyan tree 

( d ) under a tree 

Answers - ( b ) under peepal tree

Q10 ( A ) Read the following extract from the prose and answer the questions given below . 

The house the only one in the entire valley sat on the crest of a low hill . From this height one could see the river and the field of ripe corn dotted with the flowers that always promised a good harvest . The only thing that the earth needed was a downpour or at least a shower . Throughout the morning Lencho who knew his fields intimately had done nothing else but see the sky towards the north east .

 1. From which lesson has this text been taken ? 

( a ) A letter to God

( b ) His first Flight 

( c ) Black Aeroplane 3

Answer - ( a ) A letter to God

ii . Where was Lencho's house situated ?

 ( a ) At the foot of a hill 

( b ) In the village 

( c ) On the crest of a low hill 

Answer - ( c ) On the crest of a low hill 

iii . Find out the word , from the above passage , which is similar to the word ' closely ' 

( a ) promised 

( b ) dotted

 ( c ) intimately

Answer - ( c ) intimately

( B ) Read the following extract from the poetry and answer the questions given below . But if it had to perish twice , I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also great And would suffice . i . From which poem have these lines been taken ? 

( a ) Fire and Ice 

( b ) A Tiger in the Zoo 

( c ) The Ball Poem

Answer - ( a ) Fire and Ice 

 ii . What is the meaning of ' perish ' ? 

( a ) rise

 ( b ) die 

( c ) glow . 

Answer - ( a ) rise

iii . Write the name of the poet of the above poem . 

( a ) Carolyn Wells 

( b ) Robin Klein 

( c ) Robert Frost

Answer - ( c ) Robert Frost

Mp Board Class 10th English pre board Paper 2022 Solution PDF/दसवीं अंग्रेजी प्री बोर्ड पेपर 2022 हल

 Q.11 Answer the following questions in about 30 Words . ( Any six )

 i . What did Lencho hope for ? 

Answer: Lencho hoped for a good rain as it was much needed for a good harvest.

ii . What does courage mean to Mandela ? 

Answer - For Mandela, courage does not mean the absence of fear but a victory over fear. According to him, brave men need not be fearless but should be able to conquer fear.

iii . Why was the young seagull afraid to fly ?

Ans- The young seagull was afraid to fly because he felt certain that his wings would never support him to fly. He was frightened to see the sea around him. He was afraid that he would fall down into the sea. He had not eaten anything since the previous night.

 iv . Why does Anne want to keep a diary ?

Answer: Anne decided to keep a diary, as she had no "true" friend. She figured paper had more patience than humans did. She had caring parents, a sixteen-year-old sister and about thirty people she could call her friends. ... She knew the situation would never change so she decided to keep a diary

 v . What did Mr Petronski's letter say ? 

Mr. Jan Petronski, Wanda's father had written in his letter that he would not send his kids Wanda and Jake to school any more because they are moving to a big city. He also mentioned that nobody would tease them by calling them 'Pollack' and nor anybody would ask that why they had a funny name.

vi . What is the baker called in Goa ? What did the bakers wear in Portuguese days ? 

Answer: (i) In the Portuguese days, the bakers had a peculiar dress known as the kabai. It was a single-piece long frock reaching down to the knees. (ii) When the author was young, he saw the bakers wearing a shirt and trousers, which were shorter than full-length and longer than half pants.

vii . Why was Rajvir excited to see the tea garden ? 

Rajvir was so excited to see the tea garden because he wanted to enjoy the beauty of garden with his friends. He also wanted to know more about tea plantation.

Q.12 Answer the following questions from poetry in about 30 Words . ( Any two ) 

i . What does ' ice ' stand for in the poem ?

The poem is revolving around the theme that human emotions are destructive. Fire stands for passion and desire and ice stands for hatred. Both the emotions are dangerous and may bring the world to an end. EXPLANATION.

 ii . Where did the ball go ?

Answer: (a) The boy's ball went into the dark waters of the harbour

 iii . How does the fog come ? 

Basically, fog forms when warm air meets colder air. When this happens, water vapor in the air — a gas — is cooled enough for the gas to turn to a liquid in the form of tiny water droplets. This process is called "condensation." ... The land cools the warm air below the dew point, and fog forms.

Q.13 Answer the following questions in about 30 Words . ( Any two ) 

i . Why was Dr Herriot confident that Tricki will be in hospital soon ?

Tricki was fat as a bloated sausage and his eyes grew red when he had met Dr. Herriot in road.As he was a vetenary surgeon, he predicted that with such health condition the poor dog will surely fall ill soon. Thus Dr. Herriot was confident that tricky will be in hospital soon.

 ii . How did the invisible man become visible ?

Answer: The invisible man (Griffin) first became visible after he slipped into a big London store for keeping warm and overslept there while wearing some clothes taken from the store. ... To escape from them, he had to shed all his clothes to become invisible again.

 iii . For what unusual reasons is Bholi sent to school ?

Answer: As Ramlal was a government official and the Tehsildar had asked Ramlal to send his daughters to the new school in his village, Bholi was sent to school just to satisfy the Tehsildar.

Q.14 Answer the following questions in about 75 Words.(Any two) 


i. Who does Lencho think has taken the rest of the money? What is the irony in the situation?

Ans. Lencho thought that the post office employees had taken the rest of the money. The irony of the situation was that the employees whom he called a “bunch of crooks” and suspected of taking some of the money sent by god, were the same people who had contributed and sent him the money

 ii. How did Mandela's 'hunger for freedom' change his life?

The hunger for his own freedom became the hunger for the freedom of his people. This desire of a non-racial society transformed him into a virtuous and self-sacrificing man. Thus, he joined the African National Congress and this changed him from a frightened young man into a bold man.

 lii. In what way was Wanda different from the other children? 

Answer: Wanda was different from other children as she had no friends. She came to school alone and went home alone. She always wore a faded blue dress that did not fit her properly. Unlike other children, she kept quiet and did not talk to anyone.

Q.15 Answer the following questions in about 75 Words. (Any one)

 3 Write the central idea of the poem 'A Tiger in the Zoo'. 


Mention three things that humans do and animals don't. 

The poem 'A Tiger in the Zoo' by Leslie Norris. In this poem, the poet tries to depict the mental condition of a caged tiger. He compares the life of a tiger in the zoo with its life in its natural habitat. The poet conveys an important message that the wild animals should be in their natural habitat.

Q.16 Answer the following questions in about 75 Words. (Any one)

 3 Why does Anil not hand the thief over to the police? Do you think most people would have done so? In what ways is Anil different from such employers? 


How did Bholi's teacher play an important role in changing the course of her life?

Anil does not hand over the thief to the police because he realized that Hari had learnt his lesson and had changed for the better. Otherwise, he would never have come back and kept the money at the same place from where he had stolen it. ... This is such a case where most people would have handed him over to the police.

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