Cg Board August Assignment-01 Class 10th English paper

Cg Board August Assignment-01 Class 10th English paper |छत्तीसगढ़ माध्यमिक माह अगस्त असाइनमेंट - 01 कक्षा -दसवीं

Chhattisgarh Board Of Secondary Education, Raipur Academic Session 2021-22 Month August

Assignment - 01

Class - X

Subject English

-Total marks - 20

निर्देश :- दिए गए सभी प्रश्नों को निर्देशानुसार हल कीजिए । Instruction:- Attempt all the questions as per given instructions.

Q. 1 Read the following passage & answer the questions that follow.

The lichen is a plant that is made up of two different plant forms- a fungus and an algae. The algae has millions of cells that are sensitive to light. They produce carbohydrates through photosynthesis. The fungus absorbs water vapour from the air for the algae and also protects it from strong sunlight.

Questions -

(A) absorbs water vapour.

(1) algae
(2) lichen
(3) fungus
(4) cells.

(B) A word which is a synonym to the word "save" is --------- in

the passage.

(1) strong
(2) produce
(3) absorb
(4) protect

(C) What is a lichen?

(D) What is produced during photosynthesis?

(E) Find a word which is an antonym to the word "weak" from the passage

(A) Choose the correct alternative.

1X3 3 Marks

1. They rushed inside but -------- friend was not in the room.

(a) their
 (b) there
(c) three

2. I like fruits I am allergic to berries. 
(a) nevertheless 
(b) but
(c) in spite of

3. Only a ---- stars were visible
 (a) few
 (b) many
(c) little

(B) Do as directed.

1. The crowd with garlands in their hands greeted the Olympians. (Underline the noun phrase)

2. She wants ........with a determiner.) paper to write a story (Fill in the blank

Que.3 Answer the following questions.

3X2=6 Marks

(a) Why is the national anthem not played in the cinema halls these days?

(b) According to Kailash Satyarthi, how can we help to abolish child slavery?

Q.4.Write a letter to grandmother telling her how you spend the last week at home during lockdown/quarantine days.

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